Date: February 15

Time: 10-noon

Cost: $22 (+ $3.00 service charge per ticket)


Course Description:

Fall sometimes feels like an echo of spring, when many plants and gardeners get a second wind after a long hot, dry summer. But the star players and backdrop couldn’t be more different—mature late-blooming grasses and perennials set the stage, along with woody plants with warm autumnal foliage hues. Get to know and learn how to grow some of the best plants for late-season beauty and vital food to fatten creatures for both migration and surviving the lean winter months here.


Presented by Lauren Springer:

Lauren Springer is a long-time NoCo resident and teacher at Fort Collins Nursery’s winter workshops. She is author of several garden books and has introduced numerous plants to the nursery trade. Her public garden designs include major planting areas at the Denver Botanic Gardens, Chatfield Farms, and The Gardens on Spring Creek where she is on staff.


Experience Level: Beginner-Advanced